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Orange Julius

Manning changes plays whenever he wants to, not too worried about McCoy. Very concerned about our third down defense. Big trend through four of the first 5 games. You want to see what good things come of getting off the field on third downs, look at what we did to the Faid. Honestly, if we fix just that one thing, we can go on an epic run. This team is probably top three in the league in average yards per play on first and second downs. On third and 7 or longer, you should be down around 25% in giving up the first down. I would guess we are probably in the 50-60% range. Not giving Manning the ball much in that scenario.

Another concern is Interceptions. We are amongst the worst in the NFL at generating Ints. We just never seem to be in position to get that tipped ball or that over throw. Rahim Moore has been playing better lately, but there was an over throw yesterday where he played the receiver rather than the ball, if he plays the ball it's a pretty easy pick on Brady. Instead we give them new life. Gotta take advantage of the miscues!
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