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Wow... I'm blown away by the unrealistic expectations of some of our fellow Bronco fans... this team has a damn hard schedule coupled with the fact that they have a new qb coming off 4 neck surgeries playing with a totally different group of skill position players.

Manning hardly picked up a football last year! Now add the fact that it takes time to come together with receivers and an everyday qb... now… double or triple that time with a perfectionist like Manning. It will take time to get his receivers on the same page seeing the same thing he sees on most every play! And finally... THIS ALL HAS TO BE DONE ON THE FLY... during games... games in which they are playing damn good football teams.

Did anyone really look at the schedule and expect a 6-2 record in the first half? Hell... at first glance I would have been satisfied with a 4/4 record considering the competition and factors listed above.

Bottom line… This team is only going to get better as the season goes on... best time to be playing best football? End of season people! Hang in there for crying out loud!

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