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Von Miller

Originally Posted by That One Guy View Post
So it wasn't garbage time when ATL stopped passing the ball, trying for 1st downs, and just ran up the middle on every play? If you want to play some stupid technicality game, the game isn't over until the clock strikes zero. If, however, you want to do some mid-game betting, I can probably predict most games long before that clock strikes zero.
I mean over as in having no chance of coming back. If we had Tebow, down 31-7, its over because he cant put points on the board fast enough.

With Manning were capable of coming back in most situations. Atl, Ne continued passing the ball despite being up. Our defense got stops.

Von Miller had a huge third down sack on Ryan. Defense got a sack on brady on 4th down.

You might think a two possesion game with 5 minutes and timeouts left means the game is over. But really its not.
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