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Originally Posted by EmpireOrange View Post
If you was not a complete retard going in this game, you’re not surprised today that the Broncos lost. Week 5, on the road, and @ NE – come on man! The Broncos are 1 game back in the AFC-W and they have played a pretty brutal schedule. Compared to the rest of the division, Denver looks heads and shoulders above the rest and the Broncos’ haven’t even scratched the surface on how good they will be by week 16. The Manning to DT connection is going to be unstoppable. Pay attention. Bottom line, all the Broncos need to do is win the west because by playoff time, no team will be able to play 4 quarters with them, and that includes the Patriots. Next week is crucial, and after that the schedule gets much more favorable. So quit whining. The Broncos are poised for a serious run - 11 straight even – they have’em just where they want’em.

Oh, and to those comparing last year's Broncos with this year's Broncos, help me help you by putting your head back in your own buttcrack and all the way up it. You're stupid.
thank you !!!!!!I was going to put something damn close to this .I am kind of sick of the p***Ys on this site.
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