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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
Yep, and the 3 losses are to:

-Houston, the best team in the AFC
-Atlanta, the best team in the NFC
-NE at home, who arguably is the best team in the NFL when they are at home

perspective, it's nice to have.
What perspective is that? We're still 2-3 because we lost 3 out of 5. Nothing is given as consolation because our losses are to them. So as long as we play middle of the road to scrub teams, we should be ok. Cool.

Just doing well in the division doesn't guarantee a thing (Raiders swept the division a few years ago and missed the playoffs).

Last year, excuses were made when we won. This year, excuses are made when we lose. I thought we were serious contenders? The team that people use this lame excuse for when they lose to us. Now we're just happy to use this "well they're a great team" excuse? And who wins in your scenario if Houston plays at NE?
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