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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by cmhargrove View Post
Hell yeah.

The last two years, this team has continued to improve, and we are slowly working our way back towards being a great team.

There were a lot of positives about the game yesterday, and regardless of our defensive deficiencies, we just needed to make about 3-4 more plays to win that game. Right now, we're still rough around the edges, but i'm actually excitied to see how we look in the last quarter of the season.

Win the division, get to the playoffs. We have enough talent to win, but we just need to cut down on costly mistakes.
^ growth is the key word.

Our younger players dont need to get on Peyton's level as that's far from realistic, but some solid growth in key spots (ie: WRs consistently CATCHING the football, not putting the ball on the ground in the opponents red zone, getting to the ball over the middle a step earlier to knock it loose or get it, calm down and stay disciplined in gaps, etc) will elevate this team and give us a shot
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