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Ty Lawson

You know what's interesting about this thread? Not but 7 days ago, people were falling all over themselves to top it. People couldn't reply fast enough. And now, oddly enough, the opposite is true. So weird, right?

To recap, Bill Simmons said the following:

SG: Couldn't agree more. Here's the part that everyone keeps forgetting about Sunday: Brady shredded Denver's defense 10 months ago. That defense is a little better this season, but not by much. So Denver needs to score 30-plus to win AND get some breaks to win. Seems farfetched. Throw in another breakout performance from star Patriots running back Branvan Boldley and I'm thinking 37-27, Patriots.
Now it's weird. Because I was told the following:

1) Bill Simmons is an overall hack.
2) Bill Simmons doesn't know the NFL at all.
3) Bill Simmons just hates the Broncos, period.

But how can all three of those things be true when Bill Simmons accurately predicted (1) the margin of victory by the Pats, (2) that the duo of Ridley and Bolden would have a great game, which they did with 200 combined yards rushing, and (3) was within 6 points on each team's point total?

That is so weird. I mean, right?

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