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Originally Posted by KevinJames View Post
I love this place when its Broncos fans talking Bronco football and the podcast you guys put together every week is amazing. I think it deserves to reach more ears but its just a shame a lot of it gets overlooked due to the amount of douche bags claiming to be Broncos fans.

Seriously this is getting out of hand after a loss the trolls come out in large and some even have avatars pretending to be Broncos fans, look I get rivals talking trash but if your sporting a Broncos avatar and your trolling other Broncos fans that really care about their team. I get the fans upset about a loss I get that but I am talking about the ones claiming to be Broncos fans but trashing them every chance they get for example "AmericanBroncFan".

I don't know if its the bitter uneducated Tebow loving crowd thats causing this but its gotta stop.

Criticism of the team is cool I understand that Joe Mays was horrible today but trolling and being a blatant douche is another thing.

so we are 2-3 its not a big deal its a long season.
So anyone who disagrees with you is a troll? That's what I'm reading.
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