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Originally Posted by winstoncup bronco View Post
How are we in every one of those games when we spot the other team 20+?

I'm getting tired of this absolving phenomenon where we can take solace that we go down 20 and manage to lose by less, because we're losing to good teams. I thought we were suppsoed to be a good team this year? What matters is who wins, not being good enough to just lose.
Because, last time i checked, we got in our own way 3 games. Here's the deal, in each game we were down, its not like we played perfect football only to just come up short. Against ATL and HOU, we were in the position to get the ball back with ample amounts of time and only down by a score. Our D couldnt get off the field on third down. This game? McGahee drops a 4th down pass and fumbles at the ten. Hell, you just take that fumble away, and we're in the SAME position.

Thats not out of the game. Thats in the ****ing game.
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