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Originally Posted by Gort View Post
we are kings of garbage time.

face it, we're not an elite team, no matter who says we are. we got down BIG against 3 playoff teams and were only able to muster an offense once those teams felt secure with their lead.

i'm not saying that Manning and Orton are the same. i'm just saying that we've all seen this sh*t before. our D is not any good at stopping good running games. and against good defenses, our running game sucks. the furious comebacks that fall short at the end are fine if you're looking for moral victories, but we're now 0-3 in that scenario. it doesn't get you into the playoffs.

but McGahee needs to hold onto that ball, and DT needs to hold onto the ball on the first drive. you can't have mistakes like that and expect to win against the Belicheat's of the world.
I think the Mane needs a lesson on what "garbage time" is.

When youre down 45-3 with 7 minutes left, thats not garbage time.

Against ATL: If we get off the field on third down, we're in a position to drive down the field and win the game. Same exact situation with Houston. And in this game? If Willis doesnt fumble, we're in position to be down three with 3 minutes left and a couple of time outs. Essentially setting us up for the same exact situation.

So we had a CHANCE to win all three. How is that "garbage time?" Writing all these "garbage time" posts is "moron time."
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