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Matty P

Originally Posted by Doggcow View Post
Quizz is my pick but I'm a lil late

Oh and you have Maclin? I woulda flipped a coin. But I really love Quizz in a PPR.
No PPR, just standard scoring...BUT, here's how it stands as of right now:

When I said locked earlier, I meant that as Maclin was locked before I could switch.

SO, I still have the following choices-

Jerome Simpson vs Titans
Kendall Hunter vs Buffalo
Ronnie Hillman vs Pats
Fred Jackson vs 9ers

I like the jerome simpson matchup, because it looked like he and Ponder were starting to hook up last week, and that should continue

Kendall hunter is meh, BUT, if they start routing Buffalo, then he could get some nice garbage time stats.

Ronnie Hillman, I heard (late night sports talk radio a few days back), was going to get a LOT of touches this week in the passing game.

Fred Jackson is gonna get more carries, BUT, it's against one of the ****ing best run D in the league

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