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Kelly Brook

Originally Posted by OrangeSe7en View Post
It will be interesting to see what Boston does. There's something corrosive on that team. When players are resistent and Pedroia comes out and says they have a way of doing things in Boston, one only needs to look at what happened the year before when the players got Francona fired. If Pedroia liked the old way, the players shouldn't have got Francona fired by choking. It's a roster of whining crybabies. Management often brings in someone completely different as a replacement. But where Boston is concerned, the problems that they were trying to address by bringing in Valentine still exists.
what has happened in Boston is the same thing that has afflicted the entire NBA. the players outrank the coach/manager and know it.

i hope the Pink Sox continue their suckitude for another 4 or 5 decades.

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