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Kelly Brook

Originally Posted by SouthStndJunkie View Post
The Tigers and the A's play in the other series.

The A's are on a roll right now....I'm hoping their youth and inexperience costs them on the big stage....but that youthful energy can also benefit them.
i'm rooting for the A's.

i hated them during their Canseco/Stewart/Henderson/LaRussa years. not because they were good, but because they were jerks.

but these A's, i don't mind so much. the Oakland Coliseum used to be a really nice place to catch an afternoon game, before they added all that crap in to lure Al Davis back from LA. it completely ruined the ballpark. look at before and after photos and you'll see what i mean. one nice thing about the A's games is that the Raiders morons are nowhere to be found. it's actually a family environment there for baseball (at least when i would go during the 90's). the A's always struck me as drawing a blue collar crowd, whereas the Giants draw the yuppies and bandwagoners who don't know much about baseball, but go because it's the "place" to be seen. kinda like the 49ers in their heyday. sorta like the difference between White Sox and Cubs fans.

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