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Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
What a piece of **** town and I really mean the people. ****, if you are from Denver they don't want you let alone someone out of state. Business-wise, probably the dumbest, backwards thinking and anything not from Pueblo means they don't give a ****. Hell, they wouldnt patronize Del Taco right off the freeway!
my cousin got left a cabin house in the mountains above peublo in a town called Buella? i think that is it but spelling may be off. He lives in Denver and hates Pueblo so much when they go to the cabin to hang out they make sure to not have to stop for anything in Pueblo lol.

I visited once, sort of a cool little mountain town, not much to do though. Killer cabin though, split log built by hand by his moms great grandfather back in the 1930's.
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