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Originally Posted by maven View Post
I always try to book direct if I can.
this is the best policy.. IF you have a probelem then it is the airlines proble..

if you use a automated travel agent web site like orbitz expedia travelocity and there is a mist connect canceled flight the airlines will try to weasel out of it and tell you to call that travel agency to get it fixed especially if it is ciaos at teh airport which it usually is with canceled or major delayed flights..

I'd use various sites to compare re the fares and look at the routings and then go to the airlines wed sites to the fare..

another hint is to call a Travel agent who can sell packages that can give commissions .. sometimes booking flights and hotel or even a car rental will allow them to get you even cheaper seats..

Might even be worth the hassle of doing SWA to HNL and taking a separte flight to LIH.. thank way you get the bags fly free and ultimately may save you money but will have at least one extra stop..
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