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Originally Posted by chawknz View Post
Just booked a flight to Philidelphia on Oct 31st for $250. Was shocked at the price, but this was through Frontier Airlines website.

I use Orbitz a lot. Heck, you can even type "Denver to Phoenix" into Google and it'll give you a neat result. Kayak is good as well.

Originally Posted by Boobs McGee View Post
I usually check southwest first, and use that as a barometer for other flights....JUST booked my thanksgiving trip to Cali..$252 round.trip from Saturday to Saturday DIA to John Wayne, and they're both mid morning nonstop flights. Everything else i found started at 350 and up!

I'm actually thinkin about buying a last minute ticket for the monday night game next week....they usually have KIILLER rates the day or two before
Not bad on both for prices. Essentially $125/$126 each way. That's nothing. Pretty damn good actually.

I just purchased a trip to go on vacation over the holidays. Looking 4ward to it!
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