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Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
Woodyard has looked better so far this year then in the past. At this point, I would leave him where he is, I would replace Mays with DJ when he comes back. DJ has played MLB before and Woodyard has not so that's why I like the switch there. And of course, having DJ and Woodyard on the field same time is a good thing. You want your best players on the field and Woodyard is better then Mays. DJ is better then both so that point doesn't need to be made.
DJ can not bring intelligence to the able as a MLB being able to make the calls for the front seven.. he failed at it when he did play it for a time frame after he was SAM, and not only was he unable to relay the calls in from the DC correctly he did not have a clue on changing it if the QB changed the play..

After this year, Denver might want to look towards free agency and to see if they canít bring in someone who does have MLB experience, because the improvement in the play adjustments was so noticeable, with Brooking getting people into the right spot on multiple plays. Del Rio also called one heck of a game. But as far as next year - draft for the future, certainly, but it seems that the present benefits from an experienced eye at MLB. Brooking also put up five tackles, three of them solo. There was also no drop off in Denverís overall hitting, a selling point of Mays in the past

DJ is a dummy he can not do those things.. plus he is a drag down tackler not something you want from a MLB it is the spot where you want to meet the ball carrier in the hole or behind the LOS.. Not DJ's forte..
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