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Wasn't going to chime in til I saw this.....good call on the avs. If you weren't a bunch of dudes I'd invite ya to this Halloween party sat night, but Colorado rules you never bring more dudes to a party then women and I am not bringing any women so that's out. But I too hope the avs are back on. Not that you care but yeah. Big time hockey fan here. I play and one of my teammates works for the avs....can u say got the hook upppppp!

Anyway what you care about. A bunch of us at another board are tailgating early and hard all day long for this game. A few rival fans is always good company.

Where are you guys staying, that will best determine what you do. And how u get around?
haha I don't blame ya on the party. I am a stars fan but like to attend as many different venues as possible so i really want to get to the avs game

we will have to come by a drink a few beers with yall. We usually get out at 6AM to tailgate for 7PM games at LSU so an all day tailgate is nothing new to us. What are the open container rules there? Pretty much if we each show up with a case of beer in a throw away ice chest can we walk around with it and drink without hiding it? We get spoiled in new orleans with no laws so we always try and make sure to know different states laws before going

we are renting a vehicle and staying downtown
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