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Originally Posted by Gradishar53 View Post
Hi Rocket7,

Thanks for posting these. If you have any of the following on DVD, please post:

1978 Bears game (Oct. 16, 1978) - Hit on Walter Payton (Payton told Hampton, Gradishar delivered the hardest hit he ever took).

1980 Cowboys game (Sept. 14, 1980) - Hit on Tony Dorsett (TD says he thought he was dead (Play stopped for trainers and doctors).

Saints game (I believe it was 11/04/79) when knocked off Henry Childs helmet with a hit.

Any of the many goal line stands where Gradishar kept the opposition out of the end zone on third or fourth down.
Sorry I don't have any of those games on DVD. Here is a video you might enjoy of Gradishar and Jackson.

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