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Bmore Manning

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Fontaine, thank you for the observations and the write up. It's ashame you can't share your thoughts and have a constructive talk on here, without being told this is a sky is falling thread.

I posted a thread a few weeks ago called problems and solutions and offered a very similar analysis. Wolfe is not explosive off his first step, he doesn't have great technique yet.. But he is relentless! I understand the importance of having a run stopping DE on the strong side. This allows Miller to come off the edge in our 4-3 Under Look. He has the Red Bryant DE role from Seattle in their similar scheme. Understanding our scheme and player roles, I would rather see Malik play that DE role. He is stout against the run and more explosive as a pass rusher as evidence from pre season, Jackson seemed to be everywhere!

I could understand Ayers in a rotation with Jackson to get him accommodated to the speed of the game and transition him to an NFL player. Wolfe would be better suited to play UT with an impressive Vickerson playing the NT. Wolfe's relentlessness would allow him to use his natural abilities from the interior, and his weaknesses would not be exposed as they are on the edge.
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