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Default Derek Wolfe was a non factor against Oakland

Just my observations from rewatching every defensive snap Wolfe played against the Raiders Week 4.

I hadn't really paid much attention to him before so I wanted to see what kind of game he put in.

Alignment: Wolfe played all over the DL. RDE/LDE, both DT slots. The only time he didn't stay on the field was when he was obviously gassed or we went to Psycho Fronts with the Front 7 standing up.

1st step off the snap: This is where Wolfe disapointed the most. Regardless of where he lined up, who he lined up against, he was consistently the slowest DL in his first step. I won't compare him to Dumervil because that's just unfair but Vickerson/Unrein and even Bannan had a quicker first step than Wolfe.

Like I said I haven't tracked his individual play from weeks 1-3 so I can't compare historically but in this game he was just, well, hesitant.

Positives: Was very stout against the run, didn't give up his ground even when up against two blockers. Contained his gap very well when he couldn't penetrate. But we didn't really get this guy to stop the run I guess.

Negatives: Just really his first step. It was all just a mash after that. Because he was slower with no snap/explosiveness he didn't get the right body lean, leverage, and positioning to do much to get past his blocker(s).

I'M NOT calling him a bust. Just stating what I saw, anyone else is welcome to rewatch the game or provide their thoughts on what they saw from week 1-3.

EDIT: Even when we were up two scores and the DL had free license to rush the QB he still was our slowest DLman out there.

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