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Originally Posted by BroncoFanDoug View Post
Wow 90% of this discussion seems to be trying to prove or disprove something about Cutler, and all it seems to prove is that Chicago was a better team than Denver when Cutler was traded.

What am I missing??
Better team are you joking?

last night 14 points were put up on the screen by the Defense.. PERIOD does anyone believe that (God I can't believe I;m saying this) Romo has five picks without the drops, mis-routes and tipped balls if it was not the defense turning the game for them..

Even with the their Offense was 2 points better than Dallas was.. take out those two pick sixes and it is a 20-18 win for cutlet..

cutlet has won loads of games because of that defense and their ST's .

he has had some whooper games for them.. but when your teammates are defending your actions that everyone in the outside world find immature/childish at best, something is wrong..
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