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I do. To read him is to like him. I know it's popular to "hate" him, but he's hugely popular and successful for a reason. I've read him for years. I admittedly don't like him as much as I used to, but love his irreverent, informal, every-guy style. I don't see how anyone could read some of his better columns (I'll link a few of them below) and not come away liking the guy at least a little bit!

Len Bias

The Dooze

Spelling bee
Fair enough, I'll read them with an open mind. I'm also a U of Maryland alum, so I have a feeling I'll have a different outlook after reading the Lenny Bias article. That brings tears to my eyes to this day. I was in 9th grade when he died and my sister was in the same graduating class as Bias at Maryland.
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