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Rahim Moore

Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
Some positive stuff on PM from Simmons' colleague Bill Barnwell.

Read the whole article here:
Yeah, it was a good read:

Manning was capable of making the most difficult throws of the day, but he was inconsistent in a way that I don't think the old Peyton Manning used to be. He can throw spirals and put zip on his passes, even on the run, but he has to battle with himself to avoid trying to challenge tight windows, and he has throws come out wobbly way more frequently than history would suggest.

One unlucky break for Manning was that several of his more impressive throws against the Texans were wiped off by things that didn't have anything to do with the quality of his pass. One tight spiral to Eric Decker in the third quarter produced a gain of 36 yards, but it was taken off the books by a holding penalty on the Broncos. Obviously, it's not like the hold made Manning throw the ball more effectively.
This is what I felt was the truth the last few weeks; his arm isn't "gone." Arm strength may be down for him a little, but his biggest issue in the losses were periods of inaccuracy.

I guarantee it was completion percentage, not strength, that Peyton focused on this week, flipping a 26-52 effort against Houston into a 30-38 against Oakland. I might even go further than Barnwell and say that, yes, his game may be permanently changed to a degree, but if anything we should expect improving arm strength and consistency as the year progresses. The guy is still rehabbing during the week, after all.
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