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David Bruton

Originally Posted by fontaine View Post
There was one sick move Doom put on early in the game against Oakland where he lowered his shoulders, swept wide of the RT in a speed rush and put a swim/rip move where his body was at a ridiculous angle leaning forward.

Then he went to blast Palmer. Our DL put up some crazy numbers in that game. 3 sacks, 12 hits, 15 or so hurries.

It's cool how Doom can't be held on every other play now that the real refs are back.
He got the **** held out of him on Palmer's pass attempt from the endzone. They showed the angled from the back of the endzone and he was being doubled and both guys had their arms around his midsection hanging on for dear life.

He should have had another sack and another safety right there.

I'm not sure what numbers people expect but 2.5 sacks every 4 games works out to 10 on the year. Not a bad total.

I guess since he put up 17 a few years ago everyone thinks he should have a career year every year.
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