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Ty Lawson

Originally Posted by razorwire77 View Post
Nonsense. We shouldn't even put a punt-returner back there. No punt-returner = no fumble = championship. Don't even take the risk of having finding a decent waiver-wire punt-returner with speed back there because he might fumble.

My cousin is an idiot savant when it comes to fielding punts. He's literally like the Rain Man of the fair catch. He's 5'6 270 pounds, and can't run but what the hell, he'll never, ever, fumble.

The mentality of champions.
To be honest, we shouldn't throw the ball on offense either. The catch could be fumbled. Or worse, it could be intercepted.

Seriously, I'm all for playing smart but I wonder how some of you go through life constantly fearing the worst, or that the other shoe is going to drop.
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