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Tebow HAS to start.

1. He gets the nod from Ryan and has some nice games but the Jets implode down the stretch and get "debacled" in December. Tebow thanks God.

2. As a result Ryan/Sanchez etc get the boot from NY and that franchise goes into rebuilding mode. Tebow thanks God.

3. In the offseason when KC finally realize Cassel/Pioli has sh*t the bed they take a chance on Tebow (because they're effectively a running team anyway) and trade for him. Dwayne Bowe goes into meltdown mode and is traded in the offseason. Tebow thanks God.

4. Tebow does what he does best and sets KC back a few years, media circus, jersey sales, etc etc all while Denver fans watch and laugh at the chefs. Tebow thanks God.

Tebow is our secret weapon!
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