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Originally Posted by Bacchus View Post
Yeah, that was just 2001 when they lost on the Tuck. They Gruden left and in 2002 they went to the SB.

Its not even that they have not been winning the division they have plain and simple just sucked!! I think they have the same record as the Cleveland Browns the last 6 years or something like that. They have been horrible. Us Broncos fans complain about our team can you imagine being a chef or faider fan?
There are a lot of fans out there that have loads worse teams than we have even when Josh was here. That was blip even San fans have something to b**** about. They have had Marty or norv forever. There is CLE and CIN although CIN seems to be pointed up. There is JAX and several others.

Chefs and faiders. No Fun League. NFL. their only hope has been like it used to be in DEN during the early years. The only thing we had to look forward to were (at the time I did not know the name) trap games where we could spoil there playoffs hopes.
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