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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by Action View Post
Sorry but hope and confidence don't go hand in hand... it's one or the other. You're either confident or hopeful, and a team playing on "hope" is a team that hasn't prepared well.

It's easy to sit behind a computer and not be responsible for a roster worth $150 million dollars, and sit here and call coaches who spend 100+ hours a week on football pussies for not wanting to put their starting WR back at PR to get a 10 yard return... considering that WR is not a specialist and you're just doing it to play with "heart".

What's wrong with putting Hillman back there. I do believe he did it in college. Your example of the Eagles not using Jackson doesn't hold any weight at all. Many other teams put talented players in there to return punts, that are very important to their team (Harvin, Hester, Sproles, Peterson, Cribbs, etc). Some of those guys are even 1st round picks and starters. How in the world can you argue against not giving Hillman a shot. Yeah, some of the guys got a few trys in the preseason but I think deserve another look. How many of the players in preseason that we tried, lost a muffed punt? Just curious. Is it an outrageous number that scares you? IMO, it's time to give some of these guys another shot at it, sometimes you never know. Leonard has had plenty of chances and he's proven he's no threat at all, not even to get a decent return, let alone take one to the house.
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