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Wes Welker

did anyone else happen to notice that one of the Cowboys' TDs was thrown by Kyle Orton to Witten. that is seriously funny. Guess former Broncos having an okay night.

And for the love of God, get over it. Jay is not here. Jay is an asshat, a skilled asshat and he played pretty well last night, but he is still a petulant child 90% of the time. Doesn't mean he won't win football games and that's what matters. Though based on what I saw Romo won the game for the Bears as much as Cutler. As we already know, a good quarterback with lots of interceptions probably means we will lose the game. At least PM didn't act like a tool during his presser like Jay did when he **** the bed a few weeks ago. However, talented Jay is, I will never like him and I don't miss him. I hate McD for effin up the team, but I don't miss that kid. I wish him well, except against us, but I have no more feelings about him. I enjoy watching him play well, but I don't care anymore that I can if Tony Scheffler wins (though I really hate that guy since he did his little mile high salute last visit out...douchebag).
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