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D.J. Williams

Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
Had the Offense not been changed to suit cutlet I doubt that Jake would have "choked" himself out of a job.. When Kubes left and they hired the new guy that BTW was a home town guy with cutlet. What was Jake supposed to think? New guy has my back, Jake never got along with Tanahan and had Kubes to run interference for him..

Kind a got hung out to dry.. tanahan was smart enough not to pull another griese on Jake because the team was behind him..

He knew it was time.. and decided to go out on his own terms.. we all know the "he is the best guy for the job " was coming.. I would guess that Jake knew it when tanahan did not have the guts to call Jake and tell him they were taking cutlet.. which would have been the class thing to do.. at least have the new OC make the call.. it was not like they had 3 picks in a row to worry about..
I dont think the offense changed that much. It's still Shanny's offense and we still saw us runnign ZBS and alot of rollout even with Jay (that great throw vs. Arizona was on rollout play). Yes, some more shotgun and dropback stuff, but its in the base offense, just not featured as often earlier.

Balls? Shanny made Plummer. Plummer was nothing without Shanny. He was at the nadir of his career at the end in Arizona and Shanny rescued him and made him into a playoff QB. Plummer was entitled to nothing. And he **** the bed in the AFFCCG and proved Shanny right by playing god awful in 2006. Ho we started out 6-2 despite his absolutely awful play is a testament to Shanny's greatness.

It bewilders me that Jake can keep making these snide comments from time to time about Shanny. He ****ing made him and enriched him. What ungratefulness. And Jake admitted that he mailed it in. Yeah....he's a real stud, I'm not shocked in the least that you like him. He admitted he pussed out. But go on, suck him off some more.

Pro tip: Using dumb nicknames like Tanahan doesnt make your arguments stronger.
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