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The fact that Desean Jackson doesn't even return punts should tell you something (not saying I agree, I'm just saying here is another NFL team with a punt returning star, not putting him back there)...

I will repeat this again:

I just don't understand, the Broncos tried putting everyone back there during the pre-season and they all screwed up, so what's so hard to understand?

Tony Carter is our fastest player, and he was doing it all pre-season and couldn't get it right. And it's not just about speed, considering SQUID's 4.62 time was good enough for him to be an effective PR.

I'm not even sure what you guys are suggesting? There is literally no one we can put back there but Decker.

Let me also add, that Decker is prone to big hits... BUT we DO use him when the times calls for it.

So if you decide to respond, please suggest a solution that makes sense. Hillman returning punts is screams out to me that you really aren't thinking rationally.

I'm also pretty sure I'm conversing with people who've never played football nor talked to football coaches in their life, so this is also where I'll end the conversation.
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