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Anybody have a stat on how many times we fumbled on punt returns last year? I think we may be overblowing the whole fumbling thing. Shiat we might as well never run it because we might fumble it. All our passes should go into the endzone or sidelines just in case we might fumble it. I remember us winning games and losing games because of punt returns but I cant really remember the games we lost because of muffed punts.
Last year, we had specialists at that position for all but 6 returns (Decker).

Again, it's not just maintaining possession, it's also not losing yards (how many times have you seen this), it's knowing when to let it go or to fair catch it around the 10 yard line.. knowing not to field it around the 5-10 and letting it go is just as good as a 10-15 yard return, which is about the league median or better.

I just don't understand, the Broncos tried putting everyone back there during the pre-season and they all screwed up, so what's so hard to understand?
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