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Your a Chef fan right?

Detroit could give up on their QB, I bet the Jets could be in the running for a new young QB especially if Ryan gets run out of town, then there are the Jags, the Bills gave a big payday to a turnover machine, Cam Newton is the new Vince Young -how long with Carolina put up with that, Freeman could be out in TB, will Palmer retire or Allen even want him around?

That is 7 teams not including KFC right there, figure maybe half stay or draft another need and it looks like KFC could be reaching on another DT in the 1st round if they don't lock up the overall pick in the 2013 draft.
Detroit is not giving up on Stafford. No way. I can see Buffalo. No way Carolina gives up on Cam after what he did last year, I can see Freeman being replaced and I can see Palmer but that's it.

I think KC will have a better draft position than Buffalo, NYJ, TB and Carolina.

Literally see 5 wins top for us with this catastrophe.
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