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Originally Posted by menonite View Post
I wonder how much practice it takes to learn how to field punts well?

I'm not overly concerned about this little problem, but I wonder if there is are any speedier players on the team getting any practice reps.
It's one thing to do it in practice and one thing to do it in game time.

It's not just about fielding the punt, it's about knowing when to let it go, etc... depth of the players coming at you to know if you should let it go... etc.

I can't tell you how many times I've seen punt returners get drilled and fumble when they should of called a fair catch.

People hate on Leohnard but I can tell the coaching staff have been coaching him... he was much improved this past game and more decisive than he was in the 1st 3.

We're not going to be returning any punts this year for TD's with Leohnard, but track record says the Broncos will get the ball back every time.
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