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People are overreacting at this... I would think you guys watched enough football in your life to see how easily it is for someone to **** up a punt return, all for the potential of what? a 10 maybe 20 yard return?

Here's an interesting fact -->

Broncos are 24th in the league in punt return yard average.

23rd? Cardinals.

Broncos average 7.4 while Cardinals average 7.9 per return.

We don't currently have a PR return specialist with the ability of the home run, but we have a specialist who will field the ball correctly 100% of the time and will guarantee the ball for the offense 100% of the time.

But no, we have arm chair GM's suggesting putting Hillman back there as if PR is some easy job you just put a speedster at.

They put Tony Carter (fastest player on team) back there in the pre-season and he ****ed up.

The just put in Decker against the Texans and he caught the ball with his FOOT ON THE ENDZONE LINE! He got tackled at like the 5. That's 15 yards lost.

We'll obviously address it in the off-season, but it's not nearly as serious as some of you are making it out to be.
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