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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by DontBeMessin View Post
Well, I talked a big game… Should have known Manning was going to pick our crappy secondary apart. Sheesh, we have our safety playing corner… and Lee just sucks period! I am going to write our new GM and express that the on the birthday of our OC – he should get him a PS3 and invest in Madden 2013 so he can learn to CALL ****ING PLAYS!!!!

Uuhhh… It was so hard to watch… Well, obviously I was wrong about Manning – he is obviously has those offensive linemen believing in him and not letting “anyone” near him. Can’t imagine how they went from being crappy to elite overnight like that….

You should be proud!!! NOW JUST KICK KC’s and ****e Diego’s ass and I’ll be quite happy!!!
The truth is DBM. the OLine last year wasnt nearly as mediocre as the stats and play in certain blow out games might have seemed.

They were stellar at run blocking and the pass defense was hit and miss almost entirely due to two factors. The lesser impact was not having an off season to work together with and then having to switch after game 5 to a totally different run oriented Tebow offense.

The second and much larger contribution toward the MIRAGE that the oline was mediocre was simply .. TEBOW .... him running around like a chicken with his head cut off for 5 minutes made for some nail-biting and often exciting to watch sand-lot football, but it wrecked havoc on the ability of those Olineman to hold blocks or have any idea where Tebow freakin was from one moment to the next and to know where to direct blocks away from. No Online in the NFL would have look great under those circumstances.

That's it in a nutshell. Orton even got good protection those early games. Hes just slow as molasses both physically and in decision making and crapped the bed when he lost it with the fans screaming for Tebow.

The Oline has been solid in personnel for a couple years now. Even the weakest link JD Walton has much improved this year.... Manning and his efficiency lifts all boats , eh?! )

See you for a repeat butt whomping on Dec 6th!

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