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Originally Posted by DontBeMessin View Post
Well, I talked a big game… Should have known Manning was going to pick our crappy secondary apart. Sheesh, we have our safety playing corner… and Lee just sucks period! I am going to write our new GM and express that the on the birthday of our OC – he should get him a PS3 and invest in Madden 2013 so he can learn to CALL ****ING PLAYS!!!!

Uuhhh… It was so hard to watch… Well, obviously I was wrong about Manning – he is obviously has those offensive linemen believing in him and not letting “anyone” near him. Can’t imagine how they went from being crappy to elite overnight like that….

You should be proud!!! NOW JUST KICK KC’s and ****e Diego’s ass and I’ll be quite happy!!!
classier than your fellow raider fans..

As for you OC not so sure it is all him.. You have some major issues on that team personnel wise..

I was hoping Al would stick around a few more years to help us with your drafts.. because frankly he screwed that team up big time with his fast is all we need drafts..

that and the head coach de jour.. the guy was a fanatic about control and would not allow good coaches to come to OAK and do their job, got to the point after Gruden left anyone worth a crap did not apply..

It was a sad day in Bronco, bolt, and chefs land when he died..
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