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Ryan and Sparano have no idea how to use Tebow. the 49ers showed the Jets yesterday how to effectively use a backup QB as a change of pace. i don't think Ryan or Sparano learned anything from that. until now, Ryan and Sparano have used Tebow as a very predictable gimmick player and he's had no success for that reason. it's hard to see how they could have any success trying to insert Tebow into their offense in the role of Sanchez, without drastically changing the offense to use some of the spread option type of stuff that McCoy implemented here last year.

this won't end well. it's too bad, but i think Tebow's career dies in NY.

Good point about the niners giving rex and jets an on-field lesson. But they won't get it. Everyone in my local watering hole was screaming the same thing. Kappernink (sp?) finished with over 50 yards rushing. Tebow finally was allowed to throw a pass but it was a short one which is definitely not his strong suit. He completed it but put his receiver in perfect position to get his knee blown up.
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