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Kush & Irsay

I love how idiot nation is in shock after getting curb-stomped by the Broncos for the second game in a row. Thank you Reggie McKenzie for hiring someone with zero experience as a head coach at any level and allowing Denver to hire a real defensive coordinator in Jack Del Rio. Allen was a DC for one whole season and had the 23rd ranked defense in the NFL, hardly head coaching material.

Warned idiot nation all offseason about Knapp implementing his zone blocking scheme, the continued struggles in the red zone. Signing a bunch of value-save free agents (Bartell, Spencer in particular) the impact of being 22 million over the cap with zero pick before #95. The loss of some key players due to the salary cap purge but would they listen NOOOOOOOO.....

Last season they blamed Bresnahan, Jackson with some also throwing Alvis under the bus...Allen - Knapp are the scapegoats so far this season...Look forward to many "We have three ring" and "Overall record from 1960"" resets ad nauseum while the raiders are en route to their 10th losing season in row.

I predicted a 29 point margin of victory. It ended up being 31. Even I get some things wrong from time to time.

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