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Originally Posted by Beantown Bronco View Post
By saying that, you are inferring that that's all we're doing now. We're not. If it's returnable, it's being returned. Hence the 6 returns Bolden already has....which is WAAAAY ahead of our rate of returnable kicks last year. We're not simply kneeling each and every time. Almost all of our touchbacks are in the back of the EZ or through it. Harvin wouldn't make much difference there. And since he's unavailable, I'd ask for who you'd like to see back there that could do better.

Our leading guy last year had 8, not 17. Where are you getting 17 from?

I didn't say it "wasn't needed." What I said was, it should be the lowest priority on our list of positions that need improving. Why? Because they effect, on average, two plays per game. I can't think of a less important position right now. And unless one of the absolute top 2 or 3 kick returners in the league suddenly become available on the cheap, or they move the kickoff spot back to the 30, I don't see that changing any time soon.

Colby had 17 last year for the Broncos who was cut and not on your list there. Also the guy that is leading the NFL in return yards was a undrafted FA that was cut by the Vikings, resigned then traded to the Giants then cut and picked up by the Titans. Denver doesn't seem to even look for a game changer as a return man ever.

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