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Originally Posted by Smiling Assassin27 View Post
I believe Tebow's style makes the Jets better. One thing the jets can do is run block fairly well. Greene is a solid and tough runner that would get better with Tebow's threat to run back there as well. They'll become what the Broncos were, if they're smart. The only problem is that guys like Holmes would sabotage from within. Asking him to block and have 3-5 targets per game max would not sit well with him.

Still, I think the jets have to do what suits them best, and passing ain't it. Sanchez is a sitting duck, whereas Tebow has escapability and can get positive yards on broken plays or after being hit. The Jets are a dumpster fire but I'd seriously consider getting Tebow in to start and quickly.
Stephen Hill is a good deep threat and has experience in an option from Georgia Tech, so he'd be a good fit at WR.

A more aggressive version of what the Broncos did with Tebow (instead of straight a 95% run option offense run a true spread option with a 65/35 run/pass mix) would serve the Jets well. It would fix their running game and let their OL do what they're good at (run block) and Tebow's ability to keep passing plays alive and throw a good deep ball would give them the explosiveness to be a threat. Couple that with elite D and they'd be a wild card contender.
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