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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
If the NYJ don't completely change their offense to fit TT's style, they will certainly NOT do any better. Now, if the NYJs pull a Denver Broncos and completely modify their offense to fit TT style, how far do you think this will get them, realistically? I know you will say "it worked in Denver" but the reality is it only worked for like 4 games or so and then by the end of the season it really did not work at all. If the Jets try to run this same offense it won't be a suprise to any opposing teams. Just saying...
their offense is horrific.....put him in, let him "ground and pound" with Shonn Green and Bilal Powell...they don't throw anything down the field as it is, so I can't see how he can't do the same job as Sanchez

13/29 103 129 yards 1 INT 1Fumble...those numbers look like "Somebody That I Used to Know.."
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