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Originally Posted by Drunken.Broncoholic View Post
They got more problems than a QB controversy. The thing I don't understand is why not give tebow some reps at the end of that game? We're they afraid he would score and start a controversy? We're they afraid he would suck? The controversy started by Sanchezs season so far, would not have by putting tebow in down 30 something points in the 4th. Do they think he can't play the position?

The circus is in full force.
This is going to be a full fledged clown car type of a three ring Jets fans were absolutely furious yesterday. They are done with Sanchez...he clearly isn't the only problem but watching him out there its just pitiful...Tebow would have done much better with the scrambling/broken play attack style...

They didn't put him in at the end of the game becuase God forbid he scores a touchdown...they would have had to shut down Jets practice this week because of the storm of controversy

fun to watch this happen here in NY/NJ and not have it worry about it with my team
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