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Just finished rewatching, few thoughts.

Awesome open field tackle by Moore right at the end of the half, receiver makes a great catch and then puts a move on Rahim as he's coming over. Most of our safeties over the last few years don't make that tackle, long way to go for the kid but I do think he's improving.

Great to see Trevathan playing so many snaps in the nickel. We blitzed him a lot and he got a couple of nice pressures, hopefully he'll keep getting snaps in the nickel as he's got a lot of potential and Mays and Brooking just aren't up to the task in pass coverage.

DT's keep doing a very nice job against the run. That's three of four games in which we've shut down the run game and nobody stops the Texans running the ball so that was nothing to be ashamed of. I think that this is probably a lot to do with Del Rio, his defenses in Jacksonville usually stopped the run and to be doing so well with what is frankly very mediocre talent at DT is impressive.

Von Doom!! This is what we wanted to see.

Catch the ball Adams!! Grrr.

McGahee had two absolutely incredible runs on third and short. One on the first drive of the game and one midway through the third quarter. Both plays were absolutely blown up in the backfield but both times McGahee managed to make a cutback, find a new hole and plough ahead for a first down. Tremendous. Couple of lovely longer runs too, he's not an explosive back who'll take over games but he leaves very few yards out on the field. He's a perfect back for this offense, wish he was a few years younger.

Good to see Hillman get some action, nice burst of speed on that long reception. He has a chance to be a feature back one day when he fills out a bit, he runs hard and isn't afraid of contact. I'd like to see him try and add a bit of bulk in his thighs, hopefully he can take gradually take over from McGahee over the next couple of years.

Beadles is immense in the screen game, magnificent block by him on the screen that DT ended up fumbling and there was another one I noticed in the second half where Beadles got out on his man but Thomas didn't manage to break it.

Speaking of DT... damn. He's a monster in the open field. Pretty elusive for a big guy, not afraid of contact and he can really motor once he turns the jets on. Could be the big play guy this offense has needed for a while now. Great game from Decker too.

Speaking of screens to DT, watch that one in the second half that he took across the field for about 20 yards again. Focus on Ramirez and Franklin. They let their men go and burst out to throw some blocks only for Ramirez to accidentally take Franklin out and they collapse in a heap on the ground! Miracle that DT took it for such a good gain.

Nice to see the TE's more involved, outstanding catch by Dreesen and some great third down grabs by Tamme.

Oh and yeah, Manning looked pretty decent.
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