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Originally Posted by Br0nc0Buster View Post
yeah irony at its finest
The guy spammed the board last year doing nothing but trashing the team or sucking off Tebow to the tune of like 20 posts a day

But long time posters that are actual Bronco fans are the real trolls...

In regards to the thread, Manning still looks like a boss
Hopefully our offense just keeps getting better as the year goes along

But so far so good in regards to Peyton
I'm puzzled at the notion that supporting a young player in the face of irrational negativity or criticizing moves by a team is somehow troll behavior, but to each their own. It is the OM after all. Roughly 50% of the "long time posters" on this board are little more than trolls as a rule, so if I'm a troll too I guess I'm just fitting in.
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