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Ty Lawson

Originally Posted by hades View Post
But, if it worked, he'd be a genius!

It was a blown fake, Prater was not supposed to throw it actually. read something on about it.
Your first point is exactly right. We'd be talking about how ballsy Fox is if it had been converted. I don't have a problem with it one bit. I like us being a little unconventional, a little aggressive. I feel the same way about the early 4th down conversion we had before that.

Because the fact is, no player or coach in the history of football has been 100% on fourth down conversions. Just because Manning has the ball doesn't mean a conversion will happen. You have to take the bad with the good. I want more of that rather than 3 yards and a cloud of dust, then punt.

To your second point, you're correct. Prater was supposed to run the ball, but when the guy from the Raiders charged at him, he said he wanted to at least give Beadles a chance at it. Actually a somewhat head's up play from Prater, although a pooch punt would have been better.
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