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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by Agamemnon View Post
For those of you who are interested, after one quarter of a season Manning's stats project out to be very impressive.

16 game projection:

Attempts: 612
Completions: 396
Completion %: 64.7
Touchdowns: 32
Interceptions: 12
Yards: 4648
QB rating: 96.9

Now which Manning we see from here on out remains a mystery, but if the version we've seen against the Steelers and Raiders shows up from here on out they could be a lot better than this. If so, we could win a lot of games. So here's hoping for no more Atlanta games. Really it's remarkable that these projected stats are so good given that game against Atlanta.

I think our defense helped out alot also. When we can get some 3 and out's on defense, it really can aid this offense, especially the no huddle offense. I think you saw a Raiders defense in the 3rd and 4th that were wiped out.
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