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Originally Posted by Schism View Post
Good listen as always guys.

At times it did feel like I was just listening to Montrose talk to himself though. I feel like Socal mostly just sits there and waits for Taco to ask him a direct question and then he answers it, Socal you should get involved more IMO. Nothing against Montrose, he's great, just think it'd be nice to hear a bit more from Socal.

Any plans on Rev being on again by the way?

Anyway, in regards to the punt returns, I was thinking about this a couple of weeks ago and looked up Caldwell's punt return career stats.

Apparently he has one return.

For 0 yards.

And a fumble.

So, uh... yeah. Leonard for the win! Hopefully we'll pick up a punt return specialist for next year.

Agree this is a must win against the Raiders. 1-3 going to New England and then San Diego would be almost season over.
Literally everything his guy just said.

I'd really like to see it as a discussion and not TJ asking a question and calling on each guy to talk out loud to himself. I'd like slightly more differing opinions and an interruption every now and then. And if we're going to hear more of Mike, I'd like to see you get a better mic It's hard to hear you at times.

It's still a great podcast and I'll keep listening regardless of any changes. But banter is always interesting!

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