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Originally Posted by Jetland View Post
Lonestar I truly don't think you realize how difficult it is to understand most things you put down here. This isn't a political issue you need to try one time rereading something you have is just a mess
Never said it was a political issue. Thanks for sharing this ans yout rep about it.

But I stopped caring about being perfect in grammar, or world placement years ago on an Internet forum.

I did that for decades in business re-reading it to see if I had something exactly right.

Sorry but life is to short to worry about what in some cases are morons reading my posts.

I realize this is the thing of the week on what to jump on Lonesart is but I really do not care.

If my thought process comes across to some ok and I get reps for it hey not worried about those that do not get it. When I talk Tanahan everyone seems to get it.

About 2/3s of my post come from an iPad or iPhone. And for some reason they love to change words on me. The keypad is small and the fonts are smaller.

Trying to edit is a PITA. Sorry if you are having a hard time.

Not changing for the Internet.
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